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We are 100% committed to creating stylish, practical and sustainable products that are safe for both our kids and our planet

– Haakaa

Silicone Milk Collector

Pop the Haakaa Ladybug Silicone Milk Collector

inside your bra to collect let-down throughout the day

and save every precious drop of your liquid gold!

Silicone Breast Milk Storage Bags

Our Silicone Milk Storage Bags are made of food grade silicone

and can be reused over and over again, educing the impact of

single-use plastic bags on our environment.

They are fridge and freezer safe and can be stored laying

down or standing up.


Haakaa is a 100% family owned and New Zealand run company. The message behind our brand is a strong and passionate one and it is what drives us everyday to do what we do.

Haakaa was developed through our struggle to find non-toxic and safe products for my little sister Courtney. Courtney is special needs being born with Autism among other disabilites. When protecting her health and preserving the environment for her future became our top priority, haakaa was born. Over the years, we found it extremely difficult to find green products suitable for infants and children. With most Eco baby brands only carrying a limited range and shipping to New Zealand was difficult and expensive. That was when we realised we could develop a range that is not only convenient and versatile, but also safe for more parents and their babies.

New Arrivals

From baby’s first day to their toddler years, Haakaa brings you safe, innovative products that make life easier.

Silicone Dummy Holder Case

On-the-go Breast Milk Save and Stash Pack

Silicone Colostrum Collector Set (4ml)

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