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Rocky and Ruby Breast Pump Review

Right team here goes a whole post dedicated to this bloody fantastic contraption, I know I know hold on to your seats I’m going to yarn about a breast pump exciting right?

Yes!! this is not just any old breast pump this is an easy to use, easy to clean and


easy to look at breast pump.

My reasons why its awesome

  1. It’s completely portable, yep you heard right its cord free! it doesn’t need to be charged or plugged in and it doesn’t chew through battery after battery. You can use it in the car, at the beach, in the corner of a seedy bar (or bathroom for the more modest), you can use it in the silence of night you could probably use it whilst riding on the back of a motorbike if you really needed to. The world is your oyster you can pretty much put with this baby wherever whenever you feel inclined.
  2. Its made from 100% medical grade silicone which means its BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and also super soft and comfortable when its cupped to your bosom. This also means it won’t tear and rip like plastic would and you can just chuck it in a pot of boiling water to sterilise as the silicone withstands really high temps.
  3. It’s easy, I’m all about the easy roads in life seriously why make more work for your self when you don’t need too! say goodbye to pulling apart your big chunky pump just to be sure you’ve cleaned in every crack and crevasse (I sound like an informercial sorry about that, but it is kind of fun). With this pump you literally use it then chuck it in the dishwasher OMG its that easy.
  4. What you see is what you get this means no hidden nasties or bits that need replacing it is what it is.
  5. It’s so compact like you can just pop it in your purse or your bag or shove it down your bra if you don’t have a bag ( you could legit do this its that flexible). And again with the no wires no need to worry about forgetting a part because there are no parts!!!
  6. You don’t have to worry about it breaking when traveling A- because its made of silicone. B- because it only cost $27.00
  7. It’s cheap this little beauty only costs $27.00 are you for real I hear you say yes, yes I am its as cheap as chips. You can’t go wrong this is by far the best $27.00 you will spend on a baby product.
  8. Your toddler can help ‘milk’ you, Im not sure if this is actually that awesome but it is for the toddler.
  9. It’s hands free! Aha you can feed your baby on one boob and be pumping the other boob all whilst shoving your face with chocolate and changing the channel to TLC.
  10. I just love it and thats why its awesome because I said so.

I like to cut the apron strings early, I like my me time and I love being able to up and leave my children when ever I want. This pump makes it even more possible if your inclined this way as well because pumping is so easy. I try to pump in the morning as thats when mama has the most milk and its the good fatty filling milk buttttttt so many times I have just forced poor Ruby onto both boobs practically drowning her in my milk just so I feel more comfortable all because I can’t be shitted dealing with the electric pump. Don’t get me wrong I love it and I’ll compare the two shortly but seriously I don’t have time to get up and find the bottle but then out all the pieces together and make sure its plugged in only to then awkwardly try and get it onto my tit whilst trying to also keep Ruby latched I mean its pretty bloody awkward all round. Oh and then theres the noise god the NOISE, we upgraded this time from a medela mini to a medela swing and its great but its pretty loud especially when your outing at 4am and the man is asleep next to you (this statement doesn’t really apply to us as Jared doesn’t respond/wake to any noise when he’s asleep. butttt I know other hubby’s hate the milking shed noise) so yay for this pump not making a noise.

Now the nitty gritty I’ve told you why I love it but these are the bits you probably want to know before you buy.

How did I actually find using it?

  • I opened it super eagerly and didn’t really pay a lot of attention to the instructions (My bad) so I struggled big time. I got annoyed and a little frustrated but then I was like woah calm your farm bekah go back to basics and I re read the instructions, I was pumping ferociously with my hand tying to mimic what a baby would do but I was all wrong.
  • You literally put the pump on you titty and then squeeze for some suction then thats it. Yes I am for real thats pretty much all you do, you may need to reposition a few times which I do most uses as its not it the right place. But when the little sucker is on properly thats basically it, if you look at your nip whilst doing this you will see when the milk starts coming and thats when you could either massage your boob a bit or give it a few pumps just to get things going. Then wham bam thank you mam the milk is just flowing freely squirting in all directions out of those cute little milk ducts. Its genius once the milk is coming thats it you just sit back and watch or snack or fold washing or brush your teeth or even do the kindy run for realises you don’t have to do jack shit once it starts flowing.
  • Take it easy and have a play around before you expect miracles to happen don’t give up just keep trying its hard to explain but when it happens it happens.
  • Try and get a let down watch a bit of mummy porn (calm down people its proven looking at pictures of your own off spring can help when milking) also maybe listen to the sweet sound of a baby crying, I know you’ve starting leaking all over the place at one stage or another in the supermarket when some random persons baby starts crying. ( if you had the pump you could whip it on and save the milk).
  • Try Try Try again like the annoying character tells you to do at like 6.40am on disney junior. Don’t give up.



Comparison to my Medela Swing.

Honestly I don’t know if I’ll be using my swing again! yep I said it for me I think I could replace my swing with this Haakaa baby girl but yet theres a but if I was a full time pumping mum or working mum I would still be using a electric alongside the Haakaa pump. I personally found this best for using on one side when feeding Ruby on the other side, which is how I use my electric pump any way and is the reason I would prefer o use this. The comfort of the silicone is one of the big draw cards for me as well as the fact its so easy and handsfree theres no awkward manoeuvring the big plastic electric pump around holding the baby and keeping her comfy and latched on. For me only pumping to keep up a stock in the freezer the Haaka pump is ideal I can get 150mls easy throughout the day to freeze for a rainy day. Because I struggled to get a let down with the Haaka pump unless I was feeding I would use the electric if I was desperate for some milk in a hurry but I am excited to try the Haaka pump when I have a really full boob as I’m confident I would get a let down (Ruby has a cold and has had one since the pump arrived so is feeding a lot more which is why my boobs aren’t as full as normal).

Heres my video tutorial scuse the boob action and this is my first ever video on the inter web soon I’m a wee bit un natural haha. Ive also put a few clips together because it gives you a more accurate review of the pump, I’m showing you I struggled first time and then got it going in the next clips you can see what I was doing wrong and how I corrected it and each video shows different aspects of the pump and how to use it. My children didn’t cooperate obviously so ignore them lol. (also when doing it I wasn’t planning on uploading them all which is why I awkwardly say ciiiiiii at the start of each one and explains what I’m doing).